Inhalation expertise – Breakthrough approaches to overcome current treatment limitations


InhaTarget Therapeutics is dedicated to the development of innovative formulations for inhalation to significantly improve the therapeutic outcome of existing drugs for the benefit and the quality of life of patients.
The key leverage of the company expertise lies on changing the route of administration and adapting the formulations of existing molecules to induce an optimal immune response from the lungs against severe diseases.

Innovative inhalation technology

Promising drug candidates are delivered to the lungs through our
formulation platform technologies, based on the following key components:

High lung deposition

Each formulation developed at InhaTarget Therapeutics shows specific aerodynamic properties maximizing the deposited dose in the lungs, for an optimized efficacy and posology of the drug.

Reduced systemic exposure

Many molecules present systemic dose limiting toxicities requiring to spread their intake and hence impacting their efficiency on targeted organs. A local delivery, through the pulmonary route for lung diseases is an excellent solution to overcome the systemic limitations and bring a real added value in terms of drug efficiency (higher doses reaching the target organ, higher frequency of treatment,…)

Drug Targeting

While the molecules currently available as standard of care present a certain efficacy, innovative formulations, build around.(i) their physical and chemical properties and.(ii) their intended mechanism of action, enable to enhance their therapeutic outcome or to improve their safety profile.


All development preformed at InhaTarget therapeutics are driven by an optimal leverage of the immunogenic properties of our compounds. The inhalation route, combined with a specific formulation strategy allows to unleash the immune properties from existing molecules in the lungs.

Tailored drug delivery system

Every molecule and indication requires a tailored formulation strategy and the selection of the appropriate inhalation method and device. InhaTarget Therapeutics experts focus on developing the optimized formulations, adapted to the most appropriate inhalation method for the intended use, to improve the properties and mechanism of action of existing molecules.

Improved Quality of life

Patients’ well-being is always at the center of any product development initiatives at Inhatarget Therapeutics. The inhalation route and the developed drug delivery systems provide a real opportunity to bring a novel treatment modality (with an optimized benefit/risk ratio) to patients while preserving their daily  comfort (non-invasive administrations, less systemic toxic effects, autonomy of treatment, home treatment).

Our inhalation expertise is driven by two objectives: improve the therapeutic outcome of effective molecule by changing their modality (route of administration, exposure, frequency, immunogenic properties) and improve the quality of life of severely diseased patients (administration at home, user-friendly and non-invasive treatment, …).

InhaTarget Therapeutics' R&D activities are at the origin of two patented technologies:

A dry powder formulation platform based on particle engineering technologies, at the origin of the chemo-DPI products.


A nanomedicine-based drug delivery technology enabling the optimal administration of immunotherapy to the lungs.


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