Development of innovative and targeted formulations

InhaTarget Therapeutics has expertise in the development of innovative formulation strategies (e.g. carrier-free dry powder formulation, particle engineering) and advanced drug delivery systems tailored for pulmonary delivery.

These include controlled-released particles and nanomedicine able to modulate drug dissolution, lung retention and tissue penetration of drugs presenting different solubility (highly soluble, poorly soluble and insoluble drugs) and permeability (hydro and lipophilic compounds). This expertise comprises the use of small molecular weight API and biomacromolecules including peptides, proteins, nucleic acids (DNA, RNA, siRNA), monoclonal antibodies, antibody fragments and nanobodies.

Facilities and equipment

Particle engineering and blending (nano and microparticles)

      • Lab-scale spray-dryer: Mini spray-dryer B290 (Buchi)
      • Lab-scale freeze-dryer with shelves (Epsilon)
      • High pressure homogenizer-extruder (Avestin Emulsiflex C5)
      • Ultrasonic homogenizer
      • High shear homogenizers
      • Mixers – Granulators: Turbula®, planetary mixer, high-shear mixer (MiProand MiMiPro)

Evaluation of formulations for inhalation

      • Physicochemical characterizations (see ‘Pre-formulation & analytical characterization’).
      • Dissolution test adapted for formulations for inhalation using Apparatus 2.
      • Dosage unit sampling apparatus for dry powders for inhalation (UDD).
      • Assessment of fine particles by cascade impactors: Fast-screening Impinger (FSI), Multi-Stage Liquid Impinger (MsLI), Next Generation Impinger (NGI).
      • In vitro evaluation of permeability and absorption through Calu-3 cells monolayer (see ‘Proof-On-Concept on preclinical models’)
      • Safety cabinets to produce and evaluate cytotoxic drug-based formulations
      • Sterile cabinets to produce and evaluate sterile formulations
      • Autoclave (Systec DX-65)
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