Our capabilities

InhaTarget Therapeutics provides a complete set of expertise and equipment for the early-stage development of innovative solutions for inhalation, in collaboration with interested pharmaceutical companies.

The services provided by Inhatarget Therapeutics cover the pre-formulation stage to the in-vivo proof-of-concept:

Pre-formulation & analytical characterization

InhaTarget Therapeutics DPI characterization consists in the evaluation of (i) physicochemical properties, (ii) aerodynamic performance and (iii) in vitro dissolution/release profiles

Development of innovative and targeted formulations

InhaTarget Therapeutics has developed different formulation strategies, such as nanomedicine and particle engineering, to modulate drug dissolution, lung retention and tissue penetration of API presenting different solubility and permeability.

Proof of concept on preclinical models

InhaTarget Therapeutics delivers all the necessary services required to validate the POC of an innovative products for inhalation: (i) in vitro tolerance/toxicity on pulmonary cell lines, (ii) tolerance in mice and (iii) efficacy on preclinical models.

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