Proprietary products

InhaTarget Therapeutics develops Innovative and Targeted Dry Powder Inhalation (“DPI”) formulations aiming to improve the treatment of severe and/or chronic respiratory diseases.

Lung Cancer

InhaTarget Therapeutics is currently developing, at “in vivo proof-of-concept” stage, 2 proprietary anticancer Dry Powder for Inhalation (“DPI”) to cover the gap between localized treatments (i.e. surgery and radiotherapy) and systemic treatments (i.e. conventional chemotherapies, targeted therapies and immunotherapy) in lung cancer;

Cisplatin-based DPI

InhaTarget Therapeutics has developed a capsule-based DPI composition comprising high loading-dose of cisplatin. The developed compositions were specifically developed to:

  • Send the highest possible amount of cisplatin to the lungs to improve efficacy;
  • Obtain the longest retention time of the drug in the lungs (this can have two advantages: increase the efficacy and decrease the drug related adverse events).
The “lung cancer cell targeting” technology describes dry powder formulations which potentiate conventional chemotherapy by means of a dual-targeting approach, i.e. the targeting of lung tumor site(s) with pulmonary delivery, and lung cancer cells with targeted nanocarriers (targeting the folate receptors (“FR”) overexpressed by 30-50% tumors of lung cancer patients).

Asthma and COPD

InhaTarget Therapeutics has developed dry powders for inhalation (DPI) specifically tailored to treat asthma and chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD). These include advantageous and targeted monotherapies, bi-therapies and tri-therapies aimed at the specific treatment of said diseases with an optimized Benefit/Risk ratio.

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