Investors and partnerships


InhaTarget Therapeutics is currently running its proof-of-concept validations and its business development activities through regional funds, but the company will open its capital to interested investors to finance its growth, such as towards Phase I/IIa clinical trial, POC of other products in the pipeline, and others.

This series A funding will be open in the first semester of 2019.

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Pharma partners

InhaTarget Therapeutics is currently further developing its proprietary products before transferring the conduct of later clinical studies (Phase IIb, III), regulatory approvals and marketing and sales operations to a pharma partner.

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InhaTarget Therapeutics also provides a complete set of expertise and equipment for the early-stage development of innovative products for inhalation, in collaboration with interested pharma partners.

Have you identified a market opportunity for innovative inhalation drugs and seek specific expertise and equipment for the early development of a drug?

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Our business promises

Creation of a promising new market

With the development of InhaTarget proprietary products, we aim to connect the DPI market with the lung cancer immunotherapy and chemotherapy markets.

New competitive advantage over well-known anticancer drugs

By developing new innovative DPI formulations, our strategy allows new patent protection of anticancer compounds that have fallen in the public domain but are still widely used in lung cancer treatments.

Time and cost reduction in clinical trials

The formulated anticancer drugs are gold standards in the clinical practice. Lung cancer is considered as an unmet clinical need.  Innovative treatments could therefore benefit from an accelerated regulatory review or even from fast track status.

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