Business models

Patients first !

InhaTarget Therapeutics focuses on the development of innovative inhalation solutions bringing real added value to current treatments.

Capitalizing on its advanced expertise in pulmonary drug delivery (especially in DPI), InhaTarget Therapeutics organizes its activities under two strands:

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The early development of proprietary products (phase I/II) to be licensed to pharmaceutical companies.
InhaTarget therapeutics wants to focus on its core competencies (R&D and clinical proof-of concept) in order to deliver proven high-quality products to a pharma partner which will be in charge of the conduct of later clinical studies, regulatory approvals and marketing and sales.

Aware of the challenging specificities of the production processes and equipment for high potency compounds, InhaTarget therapeutics may take care of the GMP production of the DPI products (both the samples for clinical trials and the commercial products).

The custom development requested by pharmaceutical companies of innovative products for inhalation in different indications (infections, asthma, COPD, etc.), from the pre-formulation to the clinical proof-of-concept.

Using the keen expertise of the team and its specialized equipment, InhaTarget Therapeutics develops, in collaboration with interested pharma companies, innovative DPIs. It does so using particle engineering techniques that are scalable, such as high-pressure homogenization and spray-drying and that, preferably, use approved, endogenous or well-tolerated excipients.

The services of InhaTarget therapeutics on lung drug delivery range from in vitro evaluation, to the evaluation of new excipients and/or devices, particle engineering and production methods using novel processes and aerosol formulations, and finally to preclinical studies in different animal models, in vivo evaluation of lung deposition in humans, local and systemic drug bioavailability, and clinical outcomes.

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