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Proprietary Products – Lung cancer

Lung cancer is the world’s leading cause of cancer death – a sign of the difficulty in treating it. Aerosolized chemotherapy delivered to the lungs is an interesting alternative to conventional chemotherapy, which is currently administered intravenously. It decreases severe systemic toxicities and increases anti-tumour efficacy.

Based on more than 10 years of dedicated applied research, InhaTarget is currently active in the development of two formulations for anticancer dry powders for inhalation (DPIs). Inhaled anticancer therapies cover the gap between localized treatments (i.e. surgery and radiotherapy) and systemic modalities (i.e. conventional chemotherapies, targeted therapies and immunotherapy) in lung cancer. These formulations, which are at the ‘in vivo proof-of-concept’ stage, are based on two of the most frequently used and most potent drugs currently administered. The formulations are:

  • cisplatin-based DPI. This formulation consists in solid-lipid microparticles (SLM) able to (i) be deposited, (ii) control the release and (iii) prolong the retention of cisplatin in the lungs in order to increase the cisplatin therapeutic index
  • paclitaxel-based DPI. This ‘lung cancer cell targeting’ technology includes DPI formulations that make conventional chemotherapy more effective (potentiate chemotherapy) by means of a dual-targeting approach:
    • Targeting lung tumour site(s) through pulmonary delivery;
    • Targeting lung cancer cells through targeted nanocarriers (targeting the folate receptors overexpressed by 30-50% of tumours in lung cancer patients).

Our commitment to patients

Expected improvement of the treatment outcomes

  • A combined chemotherapy treatment (combining standard intravenous, or IV, and innovative DPI) might have higher chances of success through two main benefits:
    • Better efficacy through a prolonged combination of IV and inhaled therapy, which may enable lower IV doses per session and so longer and more active treatment;
    • A reduced risk of post-treatment cancer recurrence thanks to continuous non-invasive preventive treatment by inhalation.
  • Possible additional synergistic efficacy with immunotherapy.

Outpatient care

Thanks to the safety and ease of use of the inhalation treatments, the patient could self-treat at home, without continuous intervention by doctors or medical staff.

Services to pharma partners

Capitalizing on its expertise and equipment, InhaTarget Therapeutics also delivers custom inhalation product development services for pharmaceutical companies.

Its services for pulmonary drug delivery products range from in vitro evaluation, to the evaluation of new excipients and/or devices, particle engineering and production methods using novel processes and aerosol formulations, and finally to preclinical studies in different animal models, in vivo evaluation of lung deposition in humans, local and systemic drug bioavailability, and clinical outcomes.

Our promises to Pharma partners

Access to highly qualified expertise and best-in-class equipment

Our company offers pharmaceutical industries a high level of specialist knowledge and equipment for rapid development of new inhaled therapies.

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