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Rémi Rosière

Rémi holds a master’s degree in pharmaceutical and biomedical sciences (Université libre de Bruxelles (ULB) 2010) and obtained a PhD degree (ULB, 2016) for research completed in the Laboratory of Pharmaceutics and Biopharmaceutics under the supervision of Prof Karim Amighi and Prof Nathalie Wauthoz.

He specializes in drug formulations for inhalation, especially dry powders (e.g. advanced drug delivery systems, controlled-release formulations, carrier-based and carrier-free formulations, particle engineering, nanomedicine) and preclinical development (analytical development, in vitro and in vivo studies, animal models). Rémi co-developed the first two InhaTarget Therapeutics technologies, related to inhaled anticancer chemotherapy.

With his professional background as an Inhalation Formulation Scientist, Rémi is responsible for all R&D aspects in InhaTarget Therapeutics, including:

  • R&D management (proprietary products and research collaboration contracts),
  • Innovation strategy,
  • Scientific partnership (pharmaceutical companies, universities, academic labs),
  • Scientific communication.
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